Fall Famous Shake Ups Rochester, NY

One of my favorite fall treats that I’ve gotten every year for the past few years, the famous fall shake ups at Wickham Farms located just right outside of Rochester, NY in the town of Penfield.

Delicious Fall Shake Up

I like to describe the shake up as a beautiful blend of fall goodness in a mug. It contains apple cider slushie, soft served vanilla ice cream and topped with a freshly made baby apple cider donut.

I tend to take a few sips of this lovely drink first and then work my way to the beautiful donut. But what ever way you decide to enjoy the shake up, you’ll want to shoot it from the roof tops about how delicious it was.

At Wickham farms there are plenty of fall activities for families; from the famous bouncy pad to the slide and more. Or if you are looking to get out of the house to enjoy a sunny fall day with some friends or your significant other, this would be a great spot to visit.