Unique Spa Experience In Asheville, NC

Private Tub House With Tub Side Tea

Since our awesome spa experience in Quebec on our honeymoon, my husband and I are always seeking out unique spa experiences. When making traveling arrangements this past April to Asheville North Carolina, we found a Japanese spa called Shoji Spa & Retreat.

Our Experience

Private Tub House Exterior

We booked the Okubukai package with tub side tea service. The package included a soak in the private tub house and a couples massage afterwards.

When we first arrived to Shoji, we noticed how secluded the spa was which was excellent for relaxation. The atmosphere was relaxing and we were excited to start our soak. After getting changed into our robes we walked down to a pathway that was to our private tub. You have the option of wearing your swim suit or going nude, what ever you are comfortable with.

When we opened the doors to our private tub house, we saw our tea on an adorable tray beside the tub. The soak was so relaxing and best of all there were some jets in the tub and the water temperature was comfortable. We got out a few times during our session to cool off because it was a little hot. When our session was over we had a slight knock on our door to let us know it was time to go up for our massage.

Massage time! A helpful hint, do not drink coffee or tea before getting a massage if caffeine triggers your anxiety. Caffeine can really dehydrate you and make you feel nauseous, especially when laying on your stomach. The massage therapists did an excellent job at really getting rid of some knots in problem areas such as my neck and back, the pressure was perfect. I would have to say the music in the spa room was a little too much sound wise, i.e. playing the same flute tone over and over again. Honestly I give Shoji Spa an 8 out of 10.

If you are truly looking for a unique half day spa experience in Asheville, NC take a look at Shoji Spa. The Staff from the Front Desk to the Massage Therapists offer awesome customer service and this is one of the best spas I’ve been to.