My Favorite Shoe For Traveling

A few years back I was looking for a shoe that would be super comfortable while walking in Québec City on our honeymoon. I noticed that my Aunt had these comfortable shoes she would always where when I had seen her. I asked her what shoes were they, she told me Keen. She told me that these were her go to shoe when she traveled to Italy. Right then and there I knew I had to check this brand out.

Keen Whisper Sandals

Let me tell you I absolutely fell in love. I purchased the Keen Whisper Sandals back in 2019 for my honeymoon and two years later these are still going strong. I usually start wearing these from about May to September, they are absolutely comfortable. They are my go to walking shoe if I can get away with not wearing sneakers. Plus these shoes are waterproof, this makes it great for going on trails that may include some streams of water such as Stony Brook State Park. I’ve even used these swimming in the past, when these shoes get wet it doesn’t wreck the integrity of the shoe.

What I love about these shoes is how easy you can wash them, you can throw them in your washer and then air dry them. They’ll come out looking absolutely brand new.

These sandals can also be worn with socks, which I sometimes will do when traveling or when its cold outside. Honestly, I can go all day about how much I really love these shoes and how well they’ve really treated me. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Just so you are aware I may collect a share of sales or compensation from the link on this page if you decide to shop from them.