Best Coffee Shop The Wharf Washington DC

When we were staying in DC we decided to stay in the wharf area; each morning when it was time to grab coffee we stopped on over to the Colada Shop located at the Washing DC Wharf. This adorable Cuban coffee shop is one of my favorite coffee shops I’ve been too.

I consider myself a coffee snob, as I drink a ton of coffee like a fish. I’m pretty sure my body contains 80% coffee and 20% water. For me to get hooked on a coffee shop on vacation is rare for me as I’m pretty picky.

Walking up to the Colada Shop you can hear the Cuban music that is coming out of the turquoise painted building. There is cute outdoor seating area that is dog friendly. It’s great way to bring the pups out for a walk and grab some breakfast. I enjoyed seeing different types of dogs on our morning coffee extravaganzas.

I liked that you can either go inside and order, or you can use a touch screen and order through a window. Because of how popular this shop was we always just ordered from touchscreen that was by the window.

The caffeine content was enough for me to get zooming in the morning. I ended up ordering their seasonal drink their Honey-Coconut Latte each morning! This delicious latte came with notes of orange blossom honey, coconut and espresso. I’m not one to add sugar or honey to my coffee, surprisingly this latte wasn’t too sweet at all.

If you are hanging out in The Washington D.C. Wharf and you are looking for your caffeine fix, check out this adorable Cuban coffee shop. I promise you won’t be disappointed.