Finding Fossils At Penn Dixie Fossil Park & Nature Reserve

Located about 30 minutes south of Buffalo, NY. You can find fossils at the Penn Dixie Fossil Park & Nature Reserve. Whether you are interested in fossils or natural history, coming to the quarry is a fun experience.

Crinoid Stems and pieces of Bivalves.

The Penn Dixie Fossil Park is run by volunteers, many of them are educators in the sciences. When we checked-in for our timed tour, a retired Earth Science Teacher gave us a run down of the quarry and how to look for fossils.

How To Look For Fossils

I learned so much from the volunteer we interacted with, looking for fossils isn’t like they show in the movies. All you have to do is to look on the ground and move some of the rock and and stone. We rented a bucket each that came with some tools, we didn’t even use them all besides the bucket and small shovels. Penn Dixie excavates a new part of the quarry each spring, its impossible not to find any Devonian marine fossils.

My Sweetheart Looking For Fossils

Any fossils you find, you can keep. My Husband and I had an awesome time finding a ton of crinoid stems and bivalves, we could have spent hours here but the sun was beating down on us. If you are lucky you can find trilobites, here as well.

Guinness Book Of World Records

On August 25th 2018 Penn Dixie set the first ever Guinness World Record title for the Worlds Largest Fossil Dig. 905 fossil diggers had participated, which allowed Penn Dixie to be the record holder for this category.

If you are looking for an inexpensive day trip looking for fossils, admission is only $12 for adults and $9 for kids 3-17. If you are an educator looking for field trip ideas they do offer school tours.

This was the first time Mike and I actually visited a quarry and found fossils with our own hands and eyes. We are excited to find more fossils in our future traveling adventures!