Alternatives To Twizzlers

Every road trip growing up my Dad would always grab a bag of Twizzlers to share with everyone in the car. We would hit the absolute jackpot if he grabbed the pull and peel kind! Those were always our favorite because of the many ways to eat them and how soft they were. On our most recent trip to Denver, I came across these super soft yummy licorice bites!

I was hesitant at first, due to not knowing how hard or soft these were going to be. But I’m hooked and I have to say these are even tastier than Twizzlers. They are thicker than a pen/pencil and about the size of my pinky. For how big and thick these bites are, they are pretty soft like the package says! With Twizzlers I sometimes get thrown off with how hard they can be; I look like an alligator trying to rip off a bite with my teeth, then chomping for a while till that piece I just ripped off is consumable.

There are plenty of flavors to try from mango to black licorice. I ended up getting the raspberry flavor to try at first, just to be safe! Honestly its pretty yummy. I like that not only RJ’s soft eating licorice is not only nut free, vegan and non-GMO! This is a great snack for licorice connoisseurs.

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