Best Vegan Maple Bacon Jerky

I’ve been on a vegan jerky kick lately, it might be because the season are changing and I’ve been traveling a lot. I wanted to share my other favorite type of jerky! Which is Louisville Vegan Jerky Co Maple Bacon Flavor.

I know some people might not be much of a mushroom fan, so I decided to share my favorite non mushroom jerky! But if you are a mushroom lover, check out my post on Vegan Mushroom Jerky. The jerky that Louisville Vegan Jerky Co is non GMO soy based and vegan.

This is definitely a little treat or if you are looking for a little protein on the go. I was pretty surprised that this jerky not only wasn’t too salty, but had a great smoky bacon flavor. It reminds me of my favorite bacon tempeh. The jerky pieces are a mixed of longer to shorter pieces and they are easy to chew/pull apart. If you are a meat eater, you will find that this has a better eating experience than normal jerky.

I think this would be great to add onto salads or to use in a sandwich. Whether you are on a road trip or looking for a simple vegan office snack. Give Louisville Vegan Jerky Co a try!

Just so you are aware I may collect a share of sales or compensation from the link on this page if you decide to shop from them.