The Best Travel Humidifier

When Michael and I were in Vail we didn’t realize that being at a highler altitude would make the air more drier, until we got to Colorado. Coming from Upstate NY we are so used to a higher humidity level. Plus we live at a lower altitude. When it was time to go to Denver, I had to order a travel humidifer.

Homedics Travel Humidifier In Our Hotel Room

The travel humidifier I ended up ordering was the Homedics brand, it had good ratings and I loved the portability of it. When I placed the order, the following day it would be at our hotel in Denver.

When I opened the box up, I knew we would feel some relief. Even though Denver isn’t as high up as Vail, we were still in the “mile high city”. After a few hours of the humidifer running in our hotel room; myself and my husband started to feel better. Our noses were dry as well as our mouths, due to the lack of humidity in Colorado.

Honestly, I love this little humidifier. It didn’t take up much space in my luggage when we were traveling back home. On my future travels I’ll make sure to always bring this travel humidifier with me. If you plan on traveling to a climate that is pretty dry, I’d recommend bringing this with you on your travels.

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